Sold Out Air by Jonathan Ross

The world is ending soon and swiftly.


I can no longer piss on a tree because, there are none, and everyone will see my dick.


Kissing my hopes of having kids goodbye was almost as bad as kissing mom’s corpse.


No one wants to take pictures anymore. Not even the sneaky news crews.

And now,

Down with pride and up with smoke, we die.

Locked and Loaded Love

The distance between Lucas Gottard and Mary Perry did not permit complications. Lucas pondered his self worth in response to simple stimuli and all Mary wanted to do was go to Blockbuster. Around mid-month the couple had arranged to meet, it was the usual.

I guess its that time Mary thought as she disengaged from her book de joure. She was reading Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby. It was a big secret, how Mary spent the rest of her time. One day Izzy Stapleton caught her crying through the ceiling cracks, on another she was slammed at a punk rock concert. Izzy wanted nothing to do with the girl because she thought Mary was never at peace. Izzy did more analyzing of Mary than she ever had of herself though.

Slinging her jacket over her shoulder Mary dashed to the street before she could be identified. Surely she was hiding. Because on that day, Izzy Stapleton saw her get into the matte gold vehicle. Izzy Stapleton saw everything that she needed to know. Her internal analysis was instantly rewarded with a smile. How funny Izzy thought, Mary had been parading around town with a Hollywood virtuoso. As the car doors reached its apex, Mary lowered her head into the cage.

As harsh as that sounds, she knew there to be no difference. Confined by the circuitous walls of love, she kissed him. And as she did that she thought of how different each kiss in their relationship had been, and how it was never the same since the first time. She did this a lot, but she also liked to normalize this realization. And then she began to sweat, and not like the times in which he harmed her.

She looked around and saw that everyone was smiling but herself, even Izzy who could be seen waving from the rear view. She could barely breathe because she considered this to be be the fatal blow. Mary forgot about what Lucas had been getting himself into. She forgot about the fact that he carries an AK-47 under the cushion of his drivers seat. Perhaps she had even forgotten her love for Lucas but like always, she just wanted to watch a Blockbuster movie already. When she watched a movie with Lucas she would always chose the bio pics. They were the shortest.

Jonathan Ross is an Undergraduate Student in Los Angeles, CA with a concentration in English and Secondary Education. When he is not writing or watching Kurt Vonnegut videos on YouTube, he likes to skateboard with friends or attend an occasional civil rights protest. Jonathan has a dog named Rocky, because well, he has a thing for underdogs.

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